Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lake Winnipesaukee...

Courtney's family was so kind to let me stay the week following the wedding. I had quite the time observing some incredible mom's at work. There's 19 grand kids total and they get along so well. 

Sydney and Thomas were born 3 months apart. 

Rope swing of all rope swings. It has to be over 50 feet if you fall from the peak. I did it once and couldn't feel my feet for a while. Now that I know better, I let it slow down after a couple swings. 

I love her so much.

The Moses basket is such a hit.

I promised my dad I'd always wear a helmet if I rode one of those things. 
Please note I'm twice Courtney's size--literally.

250 feet down for real--
 After the wedding about 15 people put on their suits to ride down it. It must of been 1:00 AM.

Love them both

Compare the pic on the right to this one. Time flies. 

Headed for ice cream in town. Syd is so easy, it's not fair.


Heather and Taylor said...

Im obsessed with these pictures. xo

Dayna said...

So fun! Where did you get your swimming suit! SO CUTE!!!!!! You look amazing!

Rachel Ricchio said...

oooo what a fun get together!

Sarah said...

I too want to know where you got that swimsuit! That's exactly what I'm looking for!