Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. J Pratt...

This day has been in the works for a long time. These two are equally lucky to have each other as both have so many outstanding qualities. I got to know Shannon a bit better when we worked together. And J, is my bf's brother.  

My favorite detail of the dinner was the blue Cadbury mini eggs in a petite nest for each place setting.  My favorite Easter candy in July--

Andrew, Christian, Mason, Spencer,  & Joe

I wish I had more pics of the bride. I didn't bring my camera so I lifted most of the pics from here or here.

The band was absolutely amazing.

Court's parents are so much fun. Brent was the first on the floor with no hesitation. 

J and Shannon went away in a boat that said "Just tied in the knot!" They actually made it by just tying different ropes together. It was so cute.
When they ran out to the boat, there were huge fireworks going off of the floating dock. Everyone was crowding with sparklers double fisted. And the best thing yet with a wedding run-out... There were about 50 huge lanterns that once lit, floated into the sky--similar to Tangled. Beautiful night. Beautiful couple. Such a treat to be there. 


Julianne said...

well, well, well. Who needs me for pics of the wedding?


Rachel Ricchio said...

what a cute wedding! they look so happy in love!