Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pleasant surprise...

 Today I had a package awaiting from my new sister. She sent a kind thank you note along with a similar necklace to the very one she wore in her engagements. So keen to remember how much I loved it and adored it on her. What a doll!  It's now the sister's necklace. 

You and your sisters should get one too. She found it on this etsy shop by newfashionwhispers. 

Engagements by Kylie.


Martha Abell said...

Wow!!!!! That is so sweet! Love my 3 daughters!

Curtis & Shelby said...

So cute! You guys are all like so perfectly fashionable. I seriously need some fashion make overs. Haha. Will you be in LA for thanksgiving, or are you going to andrew's? We are very very excited!