Friday, August 12, 2011

Dan & Kadee's SV wedding...

Andrew's cousin Kadee had her wedding in SV this year. It was so beautiful and so much fun as the band played for 3 hours. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where the bride paid such close attention to all the finishing details. It added so much and did not go unnoticed. 
(some pics via phone and others camera so sorry for blurries)

I loved how Kadee draped her veil over her arm when she walked so others didn't step on it. 

Baldy backdrop--perfecto

Aunt Alli, Kadee's mom, looked stunning. Had to get this shot of her looking back at K. as she walked down the aisle. 

All Kadee's bridesmaids were cousins. Such a family wedding. Can you tell the two are sisters?
K. had Andrew give a poem that Grandpa wrote for Grandma Connie on their 25th anniversary. Very special. Andrew's dad married them too.

Walking down the aisle. Lavendar was provided in the bags to throw on the bride/groom. You can see it in her veil.

The bridal party congregated in that cute gazebo. Perfect placing.

Bridal Party... Andrew's sister Katie was the matron of honor, in gold. 

Everyone's name with the assigned table displayed here.

Kadee made these beautiful bracelets for her bridesmaids. 


Beautiful tent

One side of the tent. Great sitting with cousins. There was probably 125 people there total. Wonderful turnout for destination wedding where all are technically out of town guests. 

First dance debuting costume change

Great things await for these two. I'm excited to see what they do. 


Juliet said...

I have never seen a prettier wedding. Seriously, nothing tops that. It doesn't look at all overdone, so perfect! Crap I kind of want to friend her so I can see more wedding pics haha

Rachel Ricchio said...

what a beautiful wedding! glad you updated :)

Heather and Taylor said...

Such a classy wedding. You described it so perfectly. xo