Friday, August 12, 2011

Sun Valley...

Sun Valley Resort celebrated its 75th season this year. Andrew's grandparents honeymooned here almost 60 years ago. And since has returned with family every year since. With kids/grandkids/spouses there are now 73 people I believe. This year, 72 managed to make it (one on a mission). Andrew's most fond memories of family all connect back to this happy place. It's a treat to go and soak up family and fun. 
 With Andrew recently taking a new job, we could only make it for the last two days of the week. But after missing last year (London), no showing was not an option. 

 Baldy Mt. makes the perfect backdrop

Lilly and cousins at Christina's

Cheese in it's purest form I'd say

Such a treat to see my Aunt Caroline who lives in Sun Valley. We travel from all over to vaca and relax in this paradise. & she gets to live here. It's so great eating out together as she seems to know all the locals. It's only been a couple months since her wedding

The Kneadery is the last place we eat before we go home. So delicious and oh so filling.
Our perfectly adoreable niece and nephew at work on the tractor.

This big chair never grows old. I think I snap a pic of it every year. Andrew was a good sport to be the culprit.  
Bowling with cousins is the best. Except I'm a terrible bowler. There must of been 20 of us owning these old school lanes. Every year Andrew thinks he's going to come back and they be digital--doubtful. 

There are yellow ribbons tied on all the posts of the pastures and at various parts in town. They are in honor of Bowe Berghahl who is from SV and is the only solider right now that is a prisoner of war being held in Pakistan. He wandered off the base and was taken by the Taliban a few years ago. They have released a handful of videos of him showing he is alive but holding him hostage in return for money and soldiers at Guantanamo Bay. So sad.

SV is full of beautiful art galleries. Although, I've probably only walked in a few.


Danielle said...

Your hair looks so dang cute in that pic of you and Andrew. I love the waves!!!

Lauren Dyer said...

SO FUN!! I love Sun Valley! We go every year for Thanksgiving. Have you been to the little french boutique? I cant think of the name, but its adorable.

Heather and Taylor said...

You look absolutely AMAZING in those family photos.