Sunday, August 21, 2011

Touring The Help...

My mom was in Greenwood, Mississippi last week where much of The Help was filmed. She came across a brochure that outlined a city tour of where various scenes were filmed. She went around in her car taking pictures and texting them to me. I was intrigued. You might be too...

 Minny & Hilly's church

 Skeeter Phelan's house
(I guess the interior/exterior were filmed different places)

 Hilly Holbrook's house. Hate her.

The director stayed here.  
Junior League. Garden Club headquarters

Robert E Lee Hotel . I don't remember this. In real life it's the old courthouse I think. 

Courthouse/Confederate Memorial


Heather and Taylor said...

obsessed with this post. thanks for calling yesterday. you changed my attitude around. xo

jessica said...

mary martha- just found your blog and enjoyed reading through it! how exciting to be living in ny! send me an email so i can invite you to our blog! i would love to stay in touch.
xo jessica (toolson) beaumont