Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Union Square...

We walked up on the greatest market in Union Square one weekend. It's neat to see the local farmers set up shop and strut their stuff.  I think one vendor said there was about 90 different booths in the summer. It's year round though on seasonal item. Organic and free of pesticides if you can appreciate that goodness. They seemed to have comparable prices to a grocery if not better. Either way, a better experience than fresh direct. 

Andrew polishing up his chess skills. Had to be the quickest chess game I've ever seen--about 4 minutes.  The guy on the right plays all day every day in exchange for a donation of course. 


Kellee Marie Cook said...

i love the pic of andrew and how he is holding an ice cream cone in one hand but remaining very focused. I loved watching those guys. the market looks awesome!

Linze Kate said...

These markets are my favorite... Well, the bike in the entry above MIGHT beat them out now. Haha! I'm glad things are going well, girl! :)