Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Visitors...

Andrew was super pleased with a Yankee game invite from Dave a couple weekends ago. Dave and his cousin Mark, who married a girl I played bball with, ended up staying the night so they didn't have to train back and forth from Connecticut the following day. Saturday we enjoyed a leisure walk around the park. It's such a great park but so different from Hyde Park. There's a lot more going on in CP. Makes for an entertaining walk around. 

This has to be one of the neater bike carriers I've seen.  
 I didn't have any expectations prior to How to Succeed in Business. I absolutely loved it though. It was hilarious and clean with some really catchy tunes. People were going nuts over the Harry Potter guy. I thought he did great. I can't believe how short he is. I wonder when they picked him for the HP part if they knew how short he would be as an adult. Can you imagine if he was the little boy he was starting out with HP who later grew to be 6'2? I hardly recognized him without his glasses and now with a combover... handsome (little) lad. 

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Lizzy said...

Those are some handsome guys! I wish I could have joined. We'll plan something soon!