Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watkins love...

It's been so nice to reconnect with an old friend from college. It's been years. Sara's husband has been playing in the league for probably 5 years now.  Sara gets the All-American supportive wife 'I'll move where I have to move" award. & their kids are just the cutest things ever. Sara is amazing to see at work as a mother. Her kids are just the cutest things around. 

As inconvenient as the hurricane was, the giants vs. jets game was moved to a Monday which worked out perfectly. So kind of Sara to include us in the fun. 
I never thought I'd see the likes of it but since we were sitting in the Giants family area, Andrew didn't cheer for the Jets. In fact, I caught him cheering on the Giants some. Andrew is die hard Jets fan, people. 

Andrew had the perfect app for Cooper who is showing off the phone in the pic on the left. 

Such a treat to be together. I got to know Sara's husband, Todd, a bit better during our walk around the city. I'm so happy for these two. 

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