Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend with the Kjar's...

A dear friend from Mississippi is now living in upstate New York. Recently her family visited and we spent a full day in the park walking around, napping, exploring, and people watching. Jonah, Mari's little one, is simply amazing.  Talk about a low maintenance happy kid. My goodness. 

Walking through 'the mall' in Central Park--such a beautiful grove of trees. Living in Midtown sometimes I forget what fresh air smells like. I was pleasantly reminded here.

And on the right, meet Gary. He takes personal ownership in the John Lenon memorial in Central Park. It is located closely to the corner where John L. was shot. His wife Yoko still lives in the apartment right above where it happened. Gary is full on informaiton. Every day he makes a different peace sign design with roses. He is full of information. Fascinating man to talk to. I look forward to having more visits with the guy. I'm always fascinated by people whose life is driven by a specific passion. 

 This little guy is a-d-o-r-e-a-b-l-e!

So Jonah slept in a crib not far from us all. Technically he was in the kitchen but since we have a studio it's all one, right? Well not only did he go to bed while we were all talking, but he slept a good hour beyond when we woke up. We were just sitting around catching up (the guys went to play football) and a good hour after he woke up this was his face. He just played in the pack-n-play. I kept thinking he was about to cry and might want to be held. He's so happy just like his mom and dad.  I don't have a ton of experience with toodlers, but I know this is really rare. 

And more of central park... 
We must of seen 4 different weddings that day. I think they were all foreigners too. 

This wedding was in plain sight for all to see. 

It was so relaxin to lay and visit and not feel like we had to run all over and see everything. Josh is in the background sleeping. 
(Pratts and Barlows if you see this, please note my Mexican blanket put to good use. It's the perfect park blanket).

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Tempest and Ben said...

How fun!! It lOoks like y'all had a blast! Miss you guys!! Ps I love the last picture of Mar!! cute cute!! Jonah is getting so big and cute!