Friday, October 14, 2011

Central Park...

There are a lot of little parks speckled throughout NYC. But then there's THE park, I'll refer to as CP. I read that CP is almost 850 acres worth. That's a huge chunk of this island. 
There is something for everyone in CP. You can escape everyone and everything for complete and utter peace and tranquility. On the flip, there is entertainment of all kinds. You can revert back to your childhood--roller skating to 80's and 90's music. You can protest.  Walk/run endlessly. People watch. Rent bikes. Row a boat. Occupy a gazebo. Eat at a cutsie cafe. Picnic with a groupie. Play sports in various leagues. Observe happy playgrounds. Go to free concerts.  The list doesn't end...
I love this park. I can spends hours and days here. In fact, I do. 

This is Sheep Meadow, 15 acres of luscious grass. Reminds me of a pasture. I think it was in the late 1800's. This does a lot for my sanity in NYC. On a cloudy and cold day (above), there is no one. On a sunny Saturday, there are thousands. Please don't miss the random guy doing yoga below. 

There are (I don't know how many but a lot) statues in the park. Some more famous than others.
I have no idea what the one is below. But he got fresh flowers on this particular day.

We went to the 'imagine' mosaic on John Lennon's 71st b-day. Besides the mob of people, it was great to sing along with those that are obsessed or just a fan like myself. There were some great look-a-likes there too. Here they are all hovering the mosaic I posted a pic of here. This mosaic is at the entry point to the park right next to where JL lived and was shot. Yoko still lives in the original apartment.

Classic skating in the park. Such a riot. The music will reel you in from every direction if you weren't already attending the fun. Those wishing to dance who are without skates can do so in the middle of all the skating. All ages welcome, however, it's mostly my mom's generation doing their thing. 

I'll never tire from a carriage ride. I get that from my mom. We take a carriage ride every time we are in New Orleans it seems. Nothing better than seeing the sites with the click-clank of horses hooves on the pavement. 

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