Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twin Checketts Skit...

Some dear friends threw me a shower last week in Alpine. I wasn't sure if I'd get the green light to travel so, this all came together in one week's time. You would of thought this included many weeks of planning. Here's the skit. More pics of shower to come later. 
 Courtney and Dayna are the two "Checketts Twins." Crystal did the interviewing and sewed Courtney's southern baby attire--a romper with puffy sleeves and a lacy bib. & Dayna is totally thugged out like a New Yorker but with a diaper.

I've watched this many times over already. Andrew had a good laugh over it too when he watched. 

It will be interesting to see how much alike/different my boys will really be? 


Angela Olson said...

Um... this is absolutely ADORABLE. Those girls are so much fun and make me realize that I am so not funny. =) I wish I could have been there! Love ya and I can't wait to see what those sweet boys are like too!

Lorie said...

I'm dying right now! That's hilarious! What sweet friends to take care of you and throw a fantastic party! Makes me think of my baby shower you threw. Wish I could have been there!