Saturday, October 8, 2011

What do these people have in common?

Laura Bush
Charlie Sheen
Celine Dion
Rickey Martin
Mariah Carey
Roger Federer
Angelina Jolie
Peyton Manning
Jane Seymour
Sarah Jessica Parker
J. Lo
Julia Roberts
Nancy Grace

Mary Martha


Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

Oh my.... You're having twins?!??!?!?!

Angela Olson said...

I know!! =)

Christy Gunnell said...

Dayna told us the exciting news!! I've been waiting for the public announcement. Clever way to share the news. Chase and I are excited for you both!

Mandi Medford said...

Love this post. That is SO exciting! Congrats!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Oh WOW!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm glad other people said what those celebrities have in common cuz I never would have figured it out.

When are you due?

lyndsey said...

what the what?!?!? is this true??? congratulations! wow, twins!!

Meggera said...

Hooray! Glad that it is officially on the blogging world! We, the Larsen fam, are beyond thrilled to have 2.. yes 2 little playmates for our Olivia Mae!

Sean and Summer said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Oh, my. So, incredibly exciting.

Steve and Stephanie Anderson said...

oh my gosh i was so confused but then read the comments!!! congratulations that is soooo exciting!!! you're going to LOVE being a mommy!!! i'm stoked to follow your pregnancy and of course see your darling two little ones :)

nichole said...

You are going to be such a great mommy! Congrats!

Hailey said...

So excited for you guys!!! Love you both!