Friday, November 11, 2011

9.11 memorial on 11.11.11, Veteran's Day

I've booked tickets for the memorial a couple times but it's required to book them so far in advance that it's never actually worked out in our schedule to go for when we're booked. So I appreciate Steve and Dayna getting the extra ticket for myself. It was a treat to go with them. 
I was initially bummed by the rain but not only did it clear out the crowds to where we had no line, but also it set the mood in a somber respectful way that was perfectly appropriate. This is no doubt now a tourist attraction. But most importantly, it's a burial place for thousands of people. That is what is so hard for me to believe. Since most remains weren't recovered, this is their burial place. 

In the pic below, if you look close enough you will see the name of one of the victims. I think Renee May is such a beautiful name. It wasn't the only 'and her unborn child' that I saw. So sad. 

Family members and loved ones will place a rose at their loved ones name. When I watched the memorial unveiled at the anniversary, most every name had flowers placed. 

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