Thursday, November 3, 2011

I think this is really happening...

I went to Utah for a long weekend a couple weeks ago. With hardly a weeks notice, Courtney put together the most generous shower with the help of a few generous friends. This really is the most lovely shower I've ever been too, and it was for me. I was really overwhelmed. I in no way expected the following. 

The 3 of us at 20 weeks. 

It was a very intimate group with about 10 of us. It was special to have three of my sister-in-laws there too. Katie surprised me  by flying out from Connecticut. How nice?!?! She surprised me at the airport and we then flew out together. Sadly she is the only one I don't have a pic of. 

The night was hosted at the Magalby's home in Alpine. Thank you Dayna and Lauren for making this possible. I have been to some great thematic parties, receptions, and showers there in their home. What a treat for them to so willingly offer to host a shower on my behalf. 


The table was so beautifully set as you can see. Lauren has the art with perfect class to do so. From the flowers to the silver rattlers and blue china, amazing. This is Miss Monnett's china that she bought in hs, or maybe it was college, from a department store that she got credit at for doing some modeling. I adore beautiful china.  

The attention to detail at this shower is most spectacular. Courtney made the name cards and the most beautiful menus. Heather made a delicious pear salad and Courtney made a yummy homemade pumpkin soup. Dayna's gingerbread cake will not be forgotten. 


 Courtney has a friend from DC who made these beautiful cookies.  Some had onsies and others had a bottle or carriage. Loved them. The tag said "Thank you for strolling on by."

During the first course, everyone went around and said the nicest things. 


Katie and my mother-in-law got me the cutest Bla-Bla mobiles that I have been eyeing for a long time. 
& the blankies Heather got me are so soft. I'm sleeping with them for the meantime. 

Katie traveled with her soon to be 1 year old Charlie. He's lightens up all of those around him. 

I'm partial to the sleepers 

Courtney really outdid herself in every way. But her gifting was especially thought-out and detailed. She typed out a cute note gifting bedtime and all its preparations. From the most practical bath carriers, to animals towels, special scented lotions, binkis, swaddlers, and goodnight stories... I'm looking forward to this process. 

All the good pics above were taken by Dayna and Crystal. The off-colored ones are phone pics of course. 


Courtney Peña said...

I love you!

Emily and Daniel said...

This was such an amazing shower! It was so fun to you three with us.

The blogger said...

That is the most beautiful shower I've ever seen! What wonderful friends to go all out, it says a lot about you. I'm sure they knew you were worth it! What an exciting time for you! Xo -Janvier (sorry that it won't let me sign in)

Heather and Taylor said...

What a wonderful night. Love you! xo

Mari Kjar said...


and i love your pumpkins :)

talk soon!

Mama Swalz said...

What a beautiful shower for a beautiful Mom to be!

Dayna said...

it looks so beautiful! I wish I could have been there!

ashley schmutz said...

i am so excited for you!!!!! and that shower is amazing! and you look beautiful!

hey, we're coming to new york in the beginning of december... let's get together!

Lizzie said...

You look darling in these photos (& always). Where is that cute grey dress from?