Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ladies luncheon...

These dear ladies were so kind in treating my mom, sister, grandmother, and I to a lovely lunch. I hadn't even been home a full day when we met to celebrate the boys on way. Miss Donna, Miss Lynn, and Miss Dee have a way of outdoing themselves in the most thoughtful way. I still remember clearly the party Donna and Lynn threw for me when I signed to play at BYU. I walked in the door then to a life size standup of me playing basketball. This time there was the most amazing cake of the twins popping out of a present it looked like. 

I love and appreciate Miss Donna so much. I love that we keep in touch despite the distance. 

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rychelle said...

hey...I was wondering about you,,,but had no idea how to get ahold of you!! It's sister harris...I was a missionary in m-town. I am excited ti see you are well, and so beautiful! Congrats on the twins! CRAZY!! and amazing! Check out my blog...there are pic of my family...Nice to see you!