Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Market @ Union Square...

Christmas in NY is really an amazing thing. Every day is full of Christmas surprises. Although I've been to NY before in Christmas, this is my first time really experiencing it each day. This is one of the few Christmas markets setups here in the city.

Puppet booth (left)  & the knit animal hats and mittens are huge this year. (right) 

love all the color

& the warm fuzzy hats. I will be wearing one this year. 

A market is never complete without a homemade soap stand.

Loved the wood carving booths. There was one that had all wooden ornaments.
 But the crepe stand is my favorite. I have made three separate trips to the market just to get a fresh crepe--nutella and peanut butter. 

The best thing is that I walk half a block to jump on the direct subway line from my place with two stops and then I walk out right in the middle of the market. 

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Casey said...

i LOVE the union square holiday shops! and i'm loving those fuzzy hats. i definitely got to pick myself up one of those!