Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elephant & Castle...

NYC is known for their many amazing places to brunch. I was so food adverse the first 18-20 weeks we were here, I could hardly enjoy a meal outing. And now we feel like we have a narrow window of time to do see and experience. This place is known for their eggs n' apples benedict on french toast. I'm a tough critic on eggs benedict, and I thoroughly enjoyed. Most places like here, brunch is only served on the weekends. Plan for a wait at this place--no reservations. 

It has been too long since we'd doubled with Sarah Jane and Tyler. 

Located on Greenwich Ave in the West Village... Such a charming place to walk around and see the multi-leveled townhouses. This is on Perry St which is right off Greenwich Ave. It's so quite. I was hoping Hugh Jackman would step out of his place. I hear he lives on this treasure. I can see why. 
Andrew works enough, it's nice to get out and explore the city when we can. 


Lizzie said...

I love eggs benedict & this sounds amazing. I've never heard of it but it's going on my list of places to try!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

When I first saw the pic of SJ and Ty I thought I was reading her blog! It's so funny to me that the world is so small and everyone seems to know everyone :) I want to come to NYC and enjoy all the food and friends and family!