Friday, December 9, 2011

Hugh Jackman....

This guy does not disappoint.  He is so incredibly talented and has so much energy for the couple hour, one many show in the Broadhurst theater.  I'm amazed with how he connects with the audience and not only the fans love him, but he loves them too. Through the night, Hugh goes through his dreams, his career, and his family. He performs various songs from different movies he acted in with sometimes the screening in the background. He also sang what had inspired him at various times of his life.   What I love most... he doesn't hide the love he has for his wife either. 

My favorite songs of the night were "Oh What a Beautiful Morning," from Oklahoma and "L-O-V-E (L is for the way...)." But the aborigines rendition he did from the movie Australia was particularly touching. Andrew and I were quick to see that movie as it came out shortly after our honeymoon. It was neat to see his aborigines friends from the Outback perform on the didgeridoo too. 

My auntie was in town with her husband for some work and they brought us. So nice of them.

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Diana Hulme said...

Ah, looks like fun. Hey...we are free next week if you want to get together? Oliver & I would love to hop on the A and come down to meet you around your place? Or we could go somewhere else...whatever is easiest for you at this stage of your pregnancy! :) My email is and phone is 801-472-7543. Let me know.