Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sydney Caroline & Courtney....

This past week I was able to meet 3 week old Sydney Caroline who has to be the cutest, most adorable, lovable--aka perfect baby--I have ever met. I was also able to see first hand my dearest friend transition into a mom with a few days time. That was very special.  It was an amazing experience for me to hold and bond with this little one and watch Courtney embrace and take on the role of a mom with such ease. 

I took 160 photos this week. Here are just a few. 

You can already tell she has such a happy nature. When she wakes up in the night for a feed she doesn't cry out. Just a little googling to let us know she is ready. She sleeps better than I could have imagined. We never had to keep it quite or alter our ways her for her sleeping conditions. 

Court is a professional swaddler.

Outings with this girl are the best. She doesn't go unnoticed by any and couldn't be more low maintenance. Christian treated us to a delicious lunch at The Cottage in La Jolla I believe it was.

The weather was in the mid 70's all week. Made for the perfect stroll along the beach.

So unkind of me to point her face towards the sun. 

This seal got wiped out by the waves. How he got up the rock that far in the first place, I do not know. 

They smell.

As much as I love to cuddle her. Sometimes I just need to hold her away from me so I can see her. I can't imagine the love that Courtney and Christian have for her because I love her so much. I'd do anything for this girl. I woke up thinking about her this morning. I'm a proud Godmother, okay.

P.S. This is my 500th post. Really?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kate Spade 2011...

How they've changed since the nylon bags that I remember so well in 7th grade.
This years marketing efforts and advertising campaign appeals to all 6 of my senses. Their graphic designers have to be extra special too.

If I read my emails, I guess I would have known about this "Live Color Fully" release. But since I don't, I got an earful in the store yesterday as I was strolling along with a 3 week old, who I can't wait to show pics of. Every month KS is highlighting a specific color and print. They're starting strong with red this month. I guess an artist is highlighted too each month and prints are available to buy. From product to decor, the store was completely decked in red. & that will all turn over to purple next month. Clever!

The KS gumdrop earings that you see in every other ear are now being matched with a ring. This would be the "Year of Color January" ring. February is purple and I think they said March is yellow.
The new spade symbol added to the earful. 2011 is turning over a new look. Pretty much anything you own without the Spade is vintage.

Oh, and they make jeans now too.

Jimmer Fredette...

How great is this pic? I don't know the person that took it. I came of my friend's facebook.
My newsfeed is blowing up with Jimmer talk. So proud to be a cougar!

I'm so glad Andrew was there, and one among those rushing the floor.
He saw the magic go down at Utah with JF's 47 as well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

St. George...

is all about the out-doors


It amazes me that we can drive 3 hours south and get an entirely different look with red rock and much warmer weather.

These dear friends let us come along for the weekend. Taylor is preparing for the St. George marathon and had to run in this qualifier Andrew ran as well. It was just a 5k to their relief. Races make for a fun atmosphere. I always walk away wanting to get my bum in shape. It was nice to be on the sidelines this time.

Loved meeting Taylor's family who was there running as well.

These type of people never cease to amaze me. I thought they were triplets at first but I think there are twins and then a third child close in ago. Wonder-woman!

Thanks Heather and Taylor!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nickle City...


Quite the date night // Gaming & Laser tag // Used our tickets to buy mustache's...

Kristen and 'don't know the name of my date'

Our little secret on winning the jackpot most every time. Whew! We always park it at this game. & then I flaunted the tickets around my neck--white trash

Monday, January 24, 2011

Condoleezza Rice...

Pres. Samuelson and Condoleezza

Condoleezza came and spoke to the university recently. Before I rehash it I must say, I love BYU's weekly devotional/forum. They are amazing. I've been out of school for over 3 years now. And I still think about them most every Tuesday. Although I'm not on campus these days, with an office job I was able to listen to them on the internet radio.
I'm not an eloquent writer, nor do I every proof read what I write on here (have you noticed?) so I'm just going to write some bullets of the things she spoke about. I was really inspired by her message and walked away wanting to learn and hear more. I'm now reading her book about her parents. It's amazing. She grew up in Birmingham at the height of segregation and her parents played and very influential role at that time. She has so much love and admiration for her parents. I'm fascinated with how much credit and how she portrays her life by their influence. She is a product of them. It's neat to explore those roots a bit more.

most of these are quotes from her speech - others paraphrased
  • Today's headlines and history judgement is rarely the same. How we perceive a current event is different from how history will perceive it.
  • Every day after 9/11 was 9/12.
  • The al Qaeda only has be right once. We have to be right 100% of the time.
  • She talked about the 'Chauchescu moment.' He was the dictator of Romania who was executed by his own people. He was terrible man that really oppressed his people for power. This was fascinating to me because Andrew and I learned a lot about him in Romania this summer. I don't remember learning about him prior.
  • China is a rigid government afraid of its own shadow. They are so terrified of the internet that they hack constantly to find civil rights moments. Do you think this people is able to lead the knowledge revolution? no...
  • Transforming power and education that transforms family for generations.
  • Doesn't matter where you come from but where you are going. She talked about her Grandpa, John Westly Rice who as a sharecropper saved up funds to get a year of education and then found a way to get a scholarship like the white people around him. She talked about how America is set up that it doesn't matter your zip code--all can get an education. If her Grandpa did when every odd and even the system was set up to work against him; we sure can.
  • This generation is carrying history's judgement forward.
  • Find out what you are passionate about. Try something hard. It is more fulfilling to accomplish something hard than succeeding in something easy.
  • Agrevement- why don't I have more? This is the brother attitude to entitlement.
  • You might not be able to control your circumstance, but you can control your reaction to your circumstance.
  • Hold up to cynicism. View the world not as it is but what it should be.
  • Education is broad not narrow. Kids need the arts which are apart of the total being; they're not extracurricular.

Been eyeing these at Zara...

& now they are marked down

From $130 to $70 &
$80 to $30

My eyes are trained to look at these lengths and know that they will come to my knee or just right over.
Not getting them but think they are so great--

Friday, January 21, 2011


The other night Andrew and I started reading my journal from our first year of dating. For the span of my life, I've been a terrible journal writer. But as far as the first year of our courtship goes, I'm proud of myself. We had a riot reading through it. Much of it is embarrassing. Andrew was laughing so hard at some of my initial thoughts and impressions. And of course there are always some lulls in relationships too. Those are best to forget about and I really had. But darn if we had to read and rehash them again.

So I kept any note or letter written. There is one in particular I have to share. It was a note he left with some Sunflowers. I got permission from my lover so here it is...

Mary Martha,

I'm sorry. This was supposed to be waiting for you after basketball, but I ran out of time to put it in your apartment. I'm not exactly sure why I picked sunflowers, but they reminded me of you. A little taller then then other flowers but more beautiful because of it. Unique, special, unmatched by any others, bright, and of course they love the sun! I hope they bring a smile to your face. I know this week is going to be hard for you so the point is that when you come home after a long day you can see the flowers and smile. I will be your support this week. Anything you need I will do. Why? Because, I...Love...You!



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'C' is for...

pic from this site back in the day
  • Cinque Terre- has to be one of the most beautiful coastline hikes in the world
  • Cabbage- an acquired taste
  • Colorful- great way to describe me
  • Condoleezza Rice- my most recent hero; gets her own post here shortly
  • Cafe- street side eating in Europe is my favorite
  • Candle- constant in my life with one lit most all the time.
  • Caring- I was interrupted while doing this post to a knock at the door where flowers were delivered from my mom and sister who have to be the most thoughtful people
  • Charles Carras- my nephew who is only a month old, yet I feel like I know so much about his character and personality already
  • Cajun- 'nuff said
  • Crock pot- how we roll most every Sunday
  • Cellulite- my least favorite work next to puss & moist; I said it.
  • Canary- Does it make you think of the bird or a diamond?
  • Chester, Chester, the Child Molester- a guy who came to virtually every b-ball game in high school and stood under the basket and took pics all game long. I never saw a single pic. I can only imagine what he did with. It just always freaked me out. He got the nick name accordingly.
  • Cookies- no diet can and not enough will power to say 'no' to an available cookie
  • Christ- Savior, Redeemer, Son of God, Prince of Peace, Friend
  • Charity- favorite word, not because I have it but I want it and it encompasses everything I really want in life
  • Cuz- my pin-pal from Indonesia who reminds me in every email exchanged that Andrew and I have a place to stay if we ever come to visit
  • Crutches- far too familiar with these; crutches in the dead of winter on snow/ice is the worst

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turn of the century butcher block...

There is nothing more amazing in someone's kitchen than an old butcher block that has been through many hours/days/years worth of cutting--like at a butcher's shop or restaurant. The more the swayed back, the more the character. Yet the wood still stands through time. They're a hot commodity and very picked over at antique shops these days.

Andrew and I walked in a house not too long ago that had one. I was gripping his hand so tight when I saw it. He kept asking 'what' all confused. 'That block! It's an old butcher's block.'

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things that remind me of my childhood...

The classic game that came with everyone's computer and was one of the few to select from.

Doug, Patty Mayonnaise, & Pork Chop (not pictured)

The hottest Christmas gift Santa could bring. I remember when there was an entire row of these at Toy-R-Us. The voice changer was the best, ya filthy animal

Remember when the games would get fuzzy so you'd have to pull it out and blow the dust off the bottom of the game?
Yikes! A craze both my mother and I bought into. Those bears got out of control. Heavens forbid if it wasn't in Mint condition or had a bend in the tag.
Let's hope there is no correlation between taking care of the Tamagotchi and parenting a child. Everyone in the school must of had one crossing all genders.

Furbies I believe?
I can't imagine how much artificial coloring on top of the artificial flavoring included here.
Do people still crimp? How great would that be if Faith Hill showed up at an awards with crimped hair like that music video from the Grinch? Maybe not so much...
This isn't my childhood so much, but maybe late 90's. I remember thinking these computers were the coolest thing I had ever seen. I didn't even know what Apple was. Too bad I didn't even know what stocks were either.

If nothing else from this post, please watch this commercial. You haven't thought about it since the 80's but you have seen it hundreds of times. I have the tune stuck in my head now.