Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snow Tricks...

Two peas in a very cold pod.

Love this sign with the cowboys on top. Shows how deep the snow is too. The sun wasn't right to shoot it onlooking the right side. 

Jay building a very steep compact jump for Price to clear a 30 foot road gap. Yikes!

Russ the photographer and videographer. We were just waiting for the jump to be built. 

Andrew towed in Price to the jump via snowmobile. I think he did so at 50 mph.

Price, the soon to be pro. Help him do so by voting here. You can vote every day through Friday. Vote for 'pfoulger.' Pllleeeaaassseeee!

Jay hitting the jump himself. He can do the double flip too. He has no fear. 


You don't really see the height of the jump from this angle but it's steep and pretty high.  It's amazing how soon in the jump Price starts his twists and flips.

Clearing the with ease. I knew he could of done the truck.

Weekend Buried in Snow...

Considered it a good omen when a Peacock crossed in front of our car on the way. Except he never spread his feathers.

Icicles galore at 10,000 ish feet.

Please note Sugar Butt's peripheral in the back seat

These white trunks against the powder..

My type of play area for the kids.

I love verandas--especially rustic ones. 

The end.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg...

BYU seems to get the most amazing speakers for devotional and forums. Senator Orrin Hatch and MZ did a friendly Q&A for over 15,000+ people last week. Mark said it was his first time speaking in front of a stadium full of people, and I guess his first college appearance. Go BYU! He was far more witty and personable than I imagined. 

 Since the focus of the meeting was on technology, Hatch didn't really get into the good stuff . I was hoping he'd clarify some misunderstandings about the movie. I was amazed to hear that a company that services over 500 million people is operated by 2,000 employees. & this was my first time hearing that the government wants to tax the internet. MZ is all about small government.  Hatch inquired some specifics about education and MZ reminded him he was a college dropout and might not have the best answers. He was far from arrogant. I would go so far to say he was rather humble in fact.  He encouraged entrepreneur minds to pursue what you are passionate about and to not just look for a niche that could make you the next billionaire. I thought that was neat. He said that passion about the pursuit must come first. 

Heath/Tay saved seats a few hours prior so we were able to just walk on in and enjoy. Thanks to them. & for the pics too.

I wonder if MZ knows who Jimmer is? Surely...

Monday, March 21, 2011

March, please be kind...

I hate to compare but it's sunny and warm in Louisiana. I could use some sunshine right about now. 

Sports Illustrated...

Best cover of them all....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Soldier Hallow Tubing...

A group of 47 from our church went up to Midway for the tubing fun. It was a lot of fun to be altogether. And Andrew was able to throw snow balls at the other guys until his heart was content. 

Effortless as they pull you up the mountain.
Andrew with a snow ball in hand. 


Monday, March 14, 2011

Dare I Share...

The most horrific pic ever, where I'm using it as a tool to brag... 
But I've been taken Yoga a lot more seriously these past few months. & I finally have my head stand.  I still  fear I will topple over in the middle of class and take out everyone in my 6 foot radius. So I still make way over to the wall in case I need further support. I was so excited to show Heather the other night. The weight of the boots really threw me off though I must say, so it was a very poor performance. But she caught it on her phone--ta da!

It looks like my feet are about to touch the ceiling. Am I this tall when I'm right side up?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winston Churchill...

Churchill understood that great things are done by ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. 

Winston and his fiance Clementine in 1908
Growing up, Andrew had a dog named Winston and later a dog named Clementine. 

Andrew's family highly revers and speaks often of Winston Churchill.  In fact, Drew and I's last day in London this summer was spent in the Churchill War Rooms. It was fascinating to learn a bit more about his powerful role in the war and leadership among the Brits.  Everyone has someone they are passionate about and can speak endlessly about; it's fascinating to learn who that person is for various people. For Andrew, along with the other boys in the family, it's Winston Churchill. I love it! 

Beautiful friend...

Isn't she beautiful? I'm not exactly sure what type of photo shoot this was because she's too modest to pour our the details. I gathered it had a southern/antebellum theme. 

So this is Jennifer, whom I love and adore. Currently residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jenn is a breath of fresh air to be with and speak to on the phone. Her goodness touches my life in so many ways.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Intramural Champions...

It felt so good to compete again. & Harold is such an amazing player, there was hardly any pressure on myself. This is probably Harold's 10th shirt, but it's my first. Andrew was such a great support there every match texting my mom the score update. 
I obviously wasn't expecting to win cause I didn't even bring my camera, hence the phone pic. 
Andrew and I started taking tennis lessons a few weeks ago. We've got some catching up to do with my family, but I'm hoping to surprise some people next family get together...

Picture of a picture....

Andrew's parents gave us this picture the Christmas before we got married. I didn't even know it was taken. They had a photographer over to take their Christmas card, and we weren't even engaged so I was just a bystander. It's (one) of my favorite things hanging on our walls. 

Wish I knew the photographer to give credit to, but I have no idea. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kinky Curls...

I was at my Auntie's the other night who put these curlers in her daughter's  slick-straight hair. I couldn't of imagined the finished product. I had never seen these before.

She slept in them and had the most perfect curl the following day. Every time I saw her I had complete envy. I wonder if Andrew could learn to roll me some curls like this before bed. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anniversary Kitchen Towel...

 I'm a succor for the decorative towels that drape over the oven bar in our kitchen.  I adore this one I saw the other day. It has all the wedding anniversary gifts sorted out for the various years. Who'd of known the traditional cliche gifts we're to follow each year? I'm coming up on some leather next month. Whew!

I have to say thought that these are my absolute favorite. I can fit three across with a matching fold. Love the embroidery--

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Color-coding charts...

I love my eye doctor. He has a bunch of neat colorful art on the wall crossing most people's line of tackiness. I appreciate that he doesn't seem to care if it fits the typical Dr.'s office mold. The neatest is that his patient charts are about 20 feet long behind the receptionist area. All the color meticulously organized is memorizing.  I only got a small corner on my phone because there were people standing in front of the rest.