Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talking Royals...

Apologies if you are sick of wedding talk. I welcome it all. But not obsessed--just super intrigued.  My heart is still with Diana, but I'm open for more Royal love. I feel like tomorrow will set the tone. I expect so much more than a tubed top dress--like Diana's puffy shoulders and long sleeves. I hated to hear that Kate is deathly allergic to horses. Surely she'll have the carriage debut. I read it was air filtered. More random facts and the minute play by play update here.  
I'm just another spectator, but I'm expecting to have the 'oh and 'ah dazzling experience. Is there something wrong with me?

These are portraits in the National Portrait Gallery. I'm not sure if I was allowed to take pics, but no one said anything.  I look forward to an additional one of K&W. 

 Neat to see the Andy Warhol pics of the queen reflected in Charles's pic.

For the record, I never thought William was cute.


Andrew has played many intramurals and indoor/outdoor leagues. Last week, he won his first championship in Provo's indoor league. Neat to leave from Provo knowing you won your last...

Sister Wives or Player's wives... Take your pic.

Andrew's sister Lilly was here for the final game.

African Cats...

Disney has a nature series they release on Earth Day each year. I think last years was on the ocean. This year's was African Cats. It's a one day release, but not to be missed. My dad was here for Andrew's graduation so he was able to come as well. We reminisced about our Cat experience over 3 years ago now.  A travel experience where the images never fade...
 I took thousands of pics--literally--so it's hard to choose a few. 

The fangs lion's palate are worth zooming in.

                                     Little roar

                                Extra long tongue

Mosh pit

A. Cat lovers

Joys of Jonah...

Three of my closest friends have had babies in the last 6 months. And extremely beautiful babies at that. 
Jonah's mom, Mari, and I met at girl's camp when we were 12. She grew up in Greenville, Mississippi and now lives in upstate New York. Time flies.Wives? Mothers? Wow!
 Jonah is the cutest little boy who is so happy and content while Mari and I visited. 

My camera was dead and Mari's had just dropped. I hate we didn't get one of all three of us.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to all...

 I have the fondest memories of Easter egg hunting in our Sunday best at my grandmothers. 
This is my brother with his Easter basket.

We have many toddler pics in a bonnet. This is my sister and my brother Harold on another Easter Sunday. You can see the basket in the back. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This week has been an exciting one as Andrew has finished up his last semester at the Y. 
Great Major; Great GPA; Great Student

Kind of Andrew's brothers to come and support. 
Cheers to Nate, on the left, who set us up. And Spencer, on the right, who woke up at 6am to be there. 

Mark (far left), Andrew's best friend from home, is moving to NYC to be a banker with Goldman.
Dave (second from the right) is another good friend from home that was in Andrew's program. He got a consulting job with Accenture in San Fran. 
And Corey (far right) is working is Los Angeles in supply chain I think with DLR. 
Way to go guys!
(pardon the sun spot. I wasn't the only one shooting so didn't want to shake things up)

Neat to celebrate Andrew's accomplishment in my old stomping ground. 

Nice of dad to be here all week and treat us to such a good time. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around when we have visitors?

Andrew's parents hosted a lovely graduation dinner for an intimate group of family and close friends. 

Andrew's grandpa has to be one of the finest people I know. He is so wise, compassionate, and humble. Talk about a life well lived...   He had the sweetest things to say about Andrew in regards to graduation and his strong character. I have so much love and admiration for Grandpa. I can't do it justice with a little excerpt on a blog. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you don't brush your teeth....

they will look like this. Or that is what my dad told me at least when I was a little girl. Lesson learned.

My dad just got a Fox-trotter that loves to have his muzzle scratched. He sticks out his nose to be closer to the scratching. It's the cutest thing ever. This angle of the pic makes him seem a little possessed. But you can see his stained teeth. 

I was crouched on the ground giving the cat some TLC and this horses (doesn't have a name yet) bent down under the tie down bar to get more scratches.  Pardon his corners. This was after a long ride. 

I'm far partial to Quarter horses. And I dislike riding with Fox-trotters because their walking gate is about 3's faster. It's a nuisance to keep up. But I like this little guy. He's tender. 

Hay barn hangout.
Does it get much prettier than this?

Tickles 2 is the barn cat who thinks he is boss. I've seen him walk under horse's belly without a worry. I'm hoping he doesn't walk under the wrong horse one day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Sundance...

          It is incredibly inconvenient that you have decided to have a month long 'seasonal closing'. Since, we have celebrated an anniversary, a birthday, and now my husband's graduation, while family has also been here to visit. Celebrations just aren't the same without you. And we've gotten plenty of snow for the ski runs recently too. That's all.

This mural of wild horses is my favorite. Could you imagine coming up on a pack of wild horses in real life? Like in Nights of Rodanthe? One day...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Full Bloom in Louisiana...

All the following pics come from my dad sent over the past couple weeks. He appreciates the beauty all around him. & he is always quick to show off 'mom's yard' every time we come home. It's hard to believe that the Azaleas have already reached their peak when we got snow here yesterday.  

I'm looking forward to two Louisiana weddings in May.

Warm sunsets along the river...

And long walks along the levee...

A phone took this really?

Dad takes pride in his flag, putting it up and taking it down everyday.