Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Small Town, Big Battle...

Vicksburg, Mississippi was a very important city during the civil war. In fact, the Union's siege of Vicksburg was a turning point in the war. The South no longer controlled the Mississippi River (Vicks is located on the Miss) so it was tough to receive supplies and rations. It almost meant the Confed. army was split by the Union.

The Military Park takes at least an hour to drive through. There are over 1,000 monuments and plaques throughout honoring the 19,000 soldiers lost in this battle alone--more Union than Confederate soldiers sadly. 28 states were represented in this war. Illinois lost the most soldiers. I didn't get a pic of that monument but it's amazing. 

With it being Memorial Day weekend, there were some reinactors that were letting off cannons with black powder, minus the canon.
I can't imagine soldiers wearing the wool uniforms into the summer months. It must have been a heat index of 100 when we were out there looking around and it's May.

Union General Ulysses Grant on left and monument to Af. American soldiers on right
Pemberton was the Confederate General. Many think he was too quick to surrender to the Union. Pemberton was from the North but his wife from the South. After the war he returned to Pennsylvania. His two brothers fought for the Union too. Can't say he is the most loved general.

Standing outside the old court house built before the war and somehow survived the war. Jefferson Davis launched his presidency here in fact.  It's a museum now full of neat artifacts such a Teddy Roosevelt's original Teddy Bear given to him as a child. I loved seeing the antebellum (pre civil war) china and silver too. My brother above is a lover of the civil war.

It was fascinating to talk to the locals working the museum that are still someone stuck in the war. Let's just say that this place is a little slanted. The readings don't even refer to the war as the Cival War. They call is the War between Sates. aka: sates rights. 

These are old ledgers are from the early 1800's. It's the most beautiful display but sadly exposed and vulnerable with time. The pic to the top right are 1820 documents. The entire wall is a complete display of the same look. 

VIcksburg is a very charming bed and breakfast town with brick streets, friendly people, charm, Southern hospitality, and a lot of history. Glad Andrew could experience it at last. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mighty Mississippi...

The river is the property line separating Louisiana from Mississippi.

I can't believe how far the river is extending with the current flood. It's crested though and on its way down thank goodness. No levee's lost, yet a couple spillway's opened to save New Orleans and Baton Rouge. However, flooded the more quaint Cajun towns.  This water has made the southern marshlands look like they are in northern Louisiana too.  

Kellee Abell's new nickname is 'Kell-Bell'

Sunday, May 29, 2011

View from the bayou...

Spanish Moss hanging from Cypres Tree

Someone especially proud of Southern Tide. It's like the Vineyard Vines of the South. 

Check out this little guy fishing along the dock bankside.

Blue Heron

This long was full of turtles. Bu the time I got around in taking a pic they all scattered for cover, except this loner.

Wood duck boxes in the middle of the bayou. I guess freshly hatched chicks can swim from birth.

Party barge crew

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I don't know what to call this post...

My parents hosted a party for Harold and Kell-bell (Kelle Abell) in Monroe recently. It always so good to be home. But it was especially good to reconnect with people I haven't seen for so long and continue to introduce Andrew to some folks that mean so much to me.  I'm always overwhelmed by the friendly people here that are so kind and interested with what we are doing. 
Monroe is really a special place to me. But not just because I have such great memories here, which I indeed do. Time just seems to stand still.  It's neat too that my grandmother has good friends who my parents are friends with their children and I'm friends with their children. Generations are linked together and there is hardly turnover here. Since I've been away for 7 years now, I can accurately say that this is a very unique and special place. Having said that... it's not the most progressive place in the world--not much opportunity. Moving back isn't exactly in the cards, but I just hope my children can grow up in an area that gives them a since of belonging where they can cherish similar memories like I have of my childhood. 

My brother above had a cowboy outfit he wore daily. The Magnolias haven't bloomed yet in this pic but in a few hours time they had.
Nephews with monogramed initials.

My mom knows how to throw a party.

My family is obsessed with Therman's chocolate cake. Except this time they didn't dip the strawberries in chocolate too.

The sweetest and most beautiful bride. 

These boys are obsessed with their Uncle Harold. Dixon will just walk up and grab his hand and follow him around.

I don't think we can get enough family pics.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last round of wedding pics...

Family photos

goodly parents

loved the groomsmen attire

amazing how similar their profiles are

off they go

sisterly love

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Royal Wedding...

Evidence that my brother kisses with his eyes open.

Couldn't be more happy for these two. Kellee has to be one the greatest girls I know and my brother married her. I feel so blessed to have gained such a wonderful sister. I couldn't have cloned a better girl for him. Many have said she fits into the family so perfectly. I couldn't agree more. What a wonderful complement for us too.

I have to brag on my sister who was 8 months pregnant running around chasing her boys and going strong for all festivities.