Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lilly's Graduation...

 Andrew's sister graduated from high school last week. It was great to be together and celebrate her many accomplishments. 

Mother hen and her two chicks

The Siblings...
& brothers who gave Lilly enough grief about any boy that came around. Everyone survived.


We are currently staying in Connecticut  as Andrew recently started his new job. We're looking for an apartment in Manhatta to drop the 1 hour 20 minute commute each way he has on the train and subway. But it's been oh so very nice being so close to family. Our nephew, Charlie, is just melting our hearts. 

Paige Evans blog...

A few years ago, I met Paige who was then a designer at the company I worked for. I have since followed her creativity and projects through her blog. She recently did an amazing giveaway for her 1,000th post. She built/bound together all sorts of of great books. I'm not usually one for giveaways, but I really had my heart set of this.  There were about 450 people that commented, and to my complete surprise I was chosen for just the book I was after. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celine Dion rocks my world...

I can't even begin to explain the love and admiration I have for this lady. Simply put, she's amazing. 
When Andrew accepted an offer for employment--grown up stuff I'm not ready to talk about yet--we realized we didn't have much time left  for spontaneity chaos. Chaos, because we have no time sometimes doing the things we do. And we realized if we didn't go now, strictly for show purposes, then we never would. And no telling how long Celine D. will be around. 

Let me just say, Vegas is lucky to have her...
 I cried through a good portion of the show.
Her body is incredible.
The outfit changes were mind boggling. 
She is incredibly energetic, engaging, and emotional. 
She's a mom of twins. Enough said. 

 We went to the Sugar Factory across the street 2 or 3 times for either a shake or sweet and savory crepe. 


I think we were there less than 48 hours. It was our first Jetsetter experience and it gave us way too much bang for our buck. I'm guessing they were panicked to fill their hotel a week prior.  The Cosmopolitan was just completed last December.  I don't even think we walked out on the strip other than to get to point A & B... my type of V. experience. Our room was the neatest most modern thing ever. I had to take a pic of the closet wall paper.  The Cosmo is the tall building next to the Belagio. 

The O-show surpasses all yoga ideals.
This type of stuff blows my mind...

Steve Irwin's daughter...

These are the most tender remarks about her father.
I don't know how to import a video so I copied over a pic and linked it. So you have to click on the pic to take you to the video. Sorry.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Under the Sea...

I didn't realize previously, but this is just what I need when we dive. Andrew mistakingly swam up to my sister one time and grabbed for her hand only to learn it wasn't me. Everyone seems to blend together as tanks, masks, and wet suits are fairly unified and standard. 

I go back and forth on heels in real life anyways. It's not a confidence issue. Andrew isn't bothered. It's exhausting though being 6'5 (in heels) and people either asking or stating the obvious. So I might resolve to these guys... under the sea that is. 

And if you're wondering who produced these... Jesica Simpson and her dynasty. I must admit that she intrigues me.

The following might be more fitting for me in real life. I have no idea who to link these too though. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy...

Not sure a couple gets more beautiful than this.
Can't help but wonder what their little ones would look like these days. What a tragic premature death. 

I've finally made the connection who my sister-in-law looks like...
They rocked the same sheek silk on their wedding day--and wore it well.

Incredible how much they look alike. Agrees?
This profile pic is similar to my other s-in-law too. Cute pic of her here.

 Photo taken by John Matthew Smith

I love the white dress so much I had to copt that over. She had the most conservative yet stunning style. No sleaze. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This time last year we hardly knew Heather & Taylor. We had seen them at church for over a year and kind of knew them but that was about all. The week before we left for London last summer, Heather brought over some homemade jam. When we came back in the fall, we courted them hardcore. The next year in Provo, which was our last, is full of so many great memories with these guys.  Within a few months time, we had an open door policy (although never audibly defined). Nights where I didn't cook, we would just walk on over and count on Heather's delicious cooking. 

We walked out on the pier to see Heather's brother surf, who I learned the CA lingo from. 'Kook' is my new favorite word. 

I think this was a beach in Laguna. I get all the towns confused. 

Not the most flattering pic but perfectly defines Saturday.

Mr. Reese, Heather's dad, came out and taught Andrew and I how to paddle board. I was the only one in a wet suit out on the water. But I knew I'd fall in and heard the water was freezing. I'm used to the warm Louisiana waters so I was the freak in the wet suit. And somehow I convinced Andrew he might want one too. 

Andrew was quick to take his wet suit off. 

We struggled when the two of us tried to board together. I was trying to balance the board with my hands and Andrew would over compensate. We didn't fall in though. We just didn't make it very far out in the marina. It was nice to learn without waves though. 

When we were laying out, this seal came on shore headed right towards us. The lifeguard came running over asking us to back up. 

He was so cute. He was throwing sand on his back to cool off. He only stuck around for about 5 minutes and then did the worm back to the water. 

Thank you Florence's for such a special weekend. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USA vs Spain, 0-4

It's not that we were that bad; Spain was just that good. They did win the world cup after all. I don't know a whole lot about soccer. But it didn't take much to recognize their amazing talent. They passed the ball so well and had seemingly flawless ball control. Despite the blowout score, I was very entertained and amazed unlike any live soccer I have seen before.

Andrew's brother Ben and his best friend organized the day trip to Boston to see the game. Andrew and I were fortunate to jump on board when we found out we'd be in town. 

If I heard correctly, the announcer said there were 64,000 people in attendance, and it was record breaking for a soccer game in America. Could that be right?  There seemed to be more people cheering for Spain than USA. Or it at least appeared that way because they were doing all the scoring. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another one of those apps...

Took a pic of my lover...

& the phone could do this