Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yarn bombing...

I walked up on my first yarn bomb the other day in Brooklyn. I far prefer this look over graffiti. It's hard to believe many compare the two. I think this is great! Wish I could have seen the bull

Union Square...

We walked up on the greatest market in Union Square one weekend. It's neat to see the local farmers set up shop and strut their stuff.  I think one vendor said there was about 90 different booths in the summer. It's year round though on seasonal item. Organic and free of pesticides if you can appreciate that goodness. They seemed to have comparable prices to a grocery if not better. Either way, a better experience than fresh direct. 

Andrew polishing up his chess skills. Had to be the quickest chess game I've ever seen--about 4 minutes.  The guy on the right plays all day every day in exchange for a donation of course. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Visitors...

Andrew was super pleased with a Yankee game invite from Dave a couple weekends ago. Dave and his cousin Mark, who married a girl I played bball with, ended up staying the night so they didn't have to train back and forth from Connecticut the following day. Saturday we enjoyed a leisure walk around the park. It's such a great park but so different from Hyde Park. There's a lot more going on in CP. Makes for an entertaining walk around. 

This has to be one of the neater bike carriers I've seen.  
 I didn't have any expectations prior to How to Succeed in Business. I absolutely loved it though. It was hilarious and clean with some really catchy tunes. People were going nuts over the Harry Potter guy. I thought he did great. I can't believe how short he is. I wonder when they picked him for the HP part if they knew how short he would be as an adult. Can you imagine if he was the little boy he was starting out with HP who later grew to be 6'2? I hardly recognized him without his glasses and now with a combover... handsome (little) lad. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Touring The Help...

My mom was in Greenwood, Mississippi last week where much of The Help was filmed. She came across a brochure that outlined a city tour of where various scenes were filmed. She went around in her car taking pictures and texting them to me. I was intrigued. You might be too...

 Minny & Hilly's church

 Skeeter Phelan's house
(I guess the interior/exterior were filmed different places)

 Hilly Holbrook's house. Hate her.

The director stayed here.  
Junior League. Garden Club headquarters

Robert E Lee Hotel . I don't remember this. In real life it's the old courthouse I think. 

Courthouse/Confederate Memorial

Friday, August 19, 2011

View from above...

This is the view from our new studio. As busy and exciting as the city is, I feel like we kind of escape it when we get home. It's nice to be able to see as far as the eyes can see. We face towards the financial district so we can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance too.
Again, iphone pics so little blurry

Did I mention it's small? 
We traded in a bit of space for comfortable building amenities (gym, pool, yoga!). We're right in the thick of things here in Midtown. Andrew only has a few stops on the subway for work. And we're a block from Penn Station that can virtually get us anywhere without a transfer. The Empire State Building is one block up and over, which means we're inundated with tourists. I'm still a tourist though so that doesn't really bother me. The guys on the corner recruiting people for the E.S.B. try me every day. I think I'll finally feel like a resident when they pass me up as a local. I'll have to start acting like I know where I'm going though. I'm still trying to get my bearings. When our year lease is up, we'll be anxious to breathe a bit more maybe closer to the water or park. But this is perfect for us wanting to figure this city out. It's amazing how little space you can live on. 

The back of our couch folds down making a comfy sleeping spot for occasional visitors. 
Andrew finally admitted he loves the lockers. They help store so much and, quite personally, I think they make our place. 

Before pic: 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ralph Lauren: living the dream he created...

I jumped on the Oprah bandwagon years ago. But she lost my likings with time. However every so often she had a treasure to follow. Shortly before her show ended, she got an exclusive interview with RL and his wife on and of their ranch. It was more than the eye could see or appreciate at that. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Tipi's for the guests.

Every pillow and ever angle of every shot looks like a TV add.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Modern Day Cinderella...

You've probably already seen these, but I thought they were hilarious so I wanted to repost and add my two-bits. I think there were some color corrections made on the animated pics to make it more perfectly match.

Concerning the cousin's hats... I actually loved them. I wonder if the sisters knew they were sitting right behind the queen? Every time the camera man showed the queen sitting at the wedding you could see the fro hats sticking every which direction behind her. My observation, which isn't worth much, is that the cousins did it somewhat as a spoof or dagger because their mother, she who was the last to walk down that isle, was not invited to the wedding. So she's divorced out of the royal family. She still was at one time apart and has children that are first cousins. I felt bad for her.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dan & Kadee's SV wedding...

Andrew's cousin Kadee had her wedding in SV this year. It was so beautiful and so much fun as the band played for 3 hours. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where the bride paid such close attention to all the finishing details. It added so much and did not go unnoticed. 
(some pics via phone and others camera so sorry for blurries)

I loved how Kadee draped her veil over her arm when she walked so others didn't step on it. 

Baldy backdrop--perfecto

Aunt Alli, Kadee's mom, looked stunning. Had to get this shot of her looking back at K. as she walked down the aisle. 

All Kadee's bridesmaids were cousins. Such a family wedding. Can you tell the two are sisters?
K. had Andrew give a poem that Grandpa wrote for Grandma Connie on their 25th anniversary. Very special. Andrew's dad married them too.

Walking down the aisle. Lavendar was provided in the bags to throw on the bride/groom. You can see it in her veil.

The bridal party congregated in that cute gazebo. Perfect placing.

Bridal Party... Andrew's sister Katie was the matron of honor, in gold. 

Everyone's name with the assigned table displayed here.

Kadee made these beautiful bracelets for her bridesmaids. 


Beautiful tent

One side of the tent. Great sitting with cousins. There was probably 125 people there total. Wonderful turnout for destination wedding where all are technically out of town guests. 

First dance debuting costume change

Great things await for these two. I'm excited to see what they do.