Friday, September 30, 2011


is literally changing my life one pressure point at a time. This has seriously been one of the greatest introductions to my life. I might expound more on this later, but for now it's just worth noting. 

"Behold your little ones"...

My favorite reference in the Book of Mormon made to children is little ones.
I have been fortunate enough to spend some quality time with some of these choice children this last week. I have a new nephew! Meet William. He is as precious as can be. Everything about him is perfect. I'd find myself just staring... Andrew is holding my other nephew Charlie. 

There is something about a newborn that is so lovable and squishy. It's hard to hold and not squeeze the little tummy. Will is so content to sleep away until his little heart is content. 

And this is Emma Perry Egan. Love her. I think I'm holding her here when she was 3 maybe 4 days old. She fit perfectly in my forearm. Her head would just rest in my palm. I couldn't help but think that I had the whole world in my hands. What an angel. 
It's been nice to reconnect with the Egans as they moved from Utah probably 3 years ago. And Amanda is from Mississippi so we connect in a special way. 

Roof deck...

Our building is new so some of the amenities have opened since we moved in. Our roof deck is my new favorite. There is nothing that separates us to the Empire State Building. I often make calls up here or we bring dinner up to eat. I'm trying to soak up the fall weather while I can. I wouldn't imagine a foot of snow is near as appealing.

Pardon the blur. This one was probably taken with my phone. Twilight is beautiful!

The view of the Hudson at night is my favorite. It's amazing how liberating a sunset can make you feel. 

Weekend with the Kjar's...

A dear friend from Mississippi is now living in upstate New York. Recently her family visited and we spent a full day in the park walking around, napping, exploring, and people watching. Jonah, Mari's little one, is simply amazing.  Talk about a low maintenance happy kid. My goodness. 

Walking through 'the mall' in Central Park--such a beautiful grove of trees. Living in Midtown sometimes I forget what fresh air smells like. I was pleasantly reminded here.

And on the right, meet Gary. He takes personal ownership in the John Lenon memorial in Central Park. It is located closely to the corner where John L. was shot. His wife Yoko still lives in the apartment right above where it happened. Gary is full on informaiton. Every day he makes a different peace sign design with roses. He is full of information. Fascinating man to talk to. I look forward to having more visits with the guy. I'm always fascinated by people whose life is driven by a specific passion. 

 This little guy is a-d-o-r-e-a-b-l-e!

So Jonah slept in a crib not far from us all. Technically he was in the kitchen but since we have a studio it's all one, right? Well not only did he go to bed while we were all talking, but he slept a good hour beyond when we woke up. We were just sitting around catching up (the guys went to play football) and a good hour after he woke up this was his face. He just played in the pack-n-play. I kept thinking he was about to cry and might want to be held. He's so happy just like his mom and dad.  I don't have a ton of experience with toodlers, but I know this is really rare. 

And more of central park... 
We must of seen 4 different weddings that day. I think they were all foreigners too. 

This wedding was in plain sight for all to see. 

It was so relaxin to lay and visit and not feel like we had to run all over and see everything. Josh is in the background sleeping. 
(Pratts and Barlows if you see this, please note my Mexican blanket put to good use. It's the perfect park blanket).

Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday dinner...

Every bday is special, but I wasn't expecting much this year with the recent move. 
My old roommate, Whitney, got together a special dinner at Sarabeths.  
Dinner was delicious.

And the cake was amazing! I wasn't expecting all the layers. It screams time consuming. Very thoughtful of Whitney and Erica to make this for me. I think Erica said the banner triangles were cut out of a restoration hardware magazine and taped to floss. 

The bakers...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ground Zero & 9/11

With the bomb threats prior to 9.11, I was a little freaked out. It wasn't until later that evening that I ventured out to that area. I'm glad I did. We all remember where we were 10 years prior. It's hard to believe that much time has passed. It's such a fresh memory, and I'm sure for many families, a somewhat fresh wound. 
I have so much respect and admiration for the variety of first time responders that didn't shy away from the tragedy.  I can't walk past a fire station in the city without noticing a plaque for honorable firefighters who lost lives in that particular company. Fire stations in NYC are so iconic. As of 10 years, I have a hard time believing they go unnoticed.  
The new Freedom Tower has a long ways to go. It was neat to see it lite up in red, white, and blue.
White ribbons were tied all around St. Paul's fence. Messages were written on the ribbon in honor of the victims. The red stump was found following 9.11. Although the huge tree fell, the tomb stones outside St. Paul's as well as the church were unharmed. Someone thought to preserve the stump in the original shape of how it was found. Beautiful.
The banner below listed the victims names. Loved ones circled their name and wrote personalized messages. 

The pic on the left is the view of the empire state building from outside our building. Wish I would have thought to carry my actual camera with me this outing. Loved the patriotic colors all around the city on such a special day.

Amanda and Whitney both live within a few blocks walk of ground zero. 

These men are from the German military. Various countries sent representatives to show us their support. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

US Open 2011...

Andrew wanted to get US Open tix for my bday. But with the two day rain delay, it was very tricky. The venue wouldn't give any refunds to anyone's tickets. So at best you could try to exchange your ticket for another day. But for the most part you were just reallocated for another day. We ended up seeing the men's quarterfinals which was awesome. It ended up being an afternoon session when it was originally 3 days prior at night. So as you can see the stadium is somewhat empty. Although, it was 'sold out' due to the reallocated tickets. People with work obviously couldn't go. Messy system if you as me. Darn rain. Drew couldn't go with his job ,but his mom Deb and I went. 

Andy Murray vs. John Isner 

How we got tickets... 
Deb drove an hour from CT to the stadium, and I took the subway to Queens. It wasn't until we got to the stadium that we realized we didn't actually have tickets. For what ever reason, the card was actually never charged and/or we had no confirmation. We weren't going to get anywhere with it either as there were thousands waiting outside the stadium trying to use their prior tickets that were on a day which rained out. We weren't that upset, just a little bummed that we were just going to turn around and drive home. 
Long story short, a family contact who was an old work friend, came and plucked us out of the line and gave us two extra tickets. Free! & we were placed in Andy Roddick's guest suite. It was a hot day so it was very nice to step into the AC at times too and drink ample diet cokes. Yes, I've turned over a new leaf to ample diet cokes. 

When my brother was 14 (now 28) he actually played against Isner in a regional USTA tennis tourni. 

Michelle Obama was sitting close by. She's in the orange. Her two daughter are to the right in the blue and mustard shirt with the holes. Not a great look if you as me. Especially the sports bra/undershirt. 

While I'm being critical, the first lady sat there with her legs spread-eagle. On a positive note, her up-due was amazing. Take another look at the mustard shirt. And if you look close enough, you'll see her daughter has on red zebra leggins.

Isner twice the size of the ball boy. 

Murray won. His post interview. 

Of course, I rooted for Roddick as an American, but I was pleased with a Nadal win too. I like Nadal a lot. He's not a complainer and has such a competitive way about him; opposite of Djokovic's demeanor and body language on the court that I can't stand. 

Classic Nadal... If I was him I'd work on getting a new nervous tick. He does this in between each point without fail. 


Roddick's parents were sitting one row in front of us. I was convinced it had to be his parents cause Andy has her eyes and the dad's nose. Google images confirmed it. I was impressed with how even keel they were. Occasionally, the mom would yell  come on, big boy. Should I be ashamed I snuck this pic?

Sorry, Andrew. I had to take a pic at Nadal's wedgie. 

Everglade City...

Everglade City is a small town, population <500,  that is essentially the gateway to the 10,000 islands that make up the Everglades. They are essentially marsh lands, swamps, and some open waters off the Florida coast. They're about an hour from where my grandparents live so my mom and I went one day before everyone else got in town. 

 We had quite the experience on our water-boat tour. I've always been very defensive about the stereotype Waterboy gives to the south. I can't tell you how many time I've said that people don't really ride waterboats to school. But after this experience, I think in some areas they do. The school is located right on the water. And some families have their own little island (not even close to as glamorous as it might sound). 
When I told the owner of the waterboat company that I was Louisiana, he said the following in the most hick accent and very broken English. "When Katrina happened, I trailered up my waterboats and packed 1,000 gallons of gas. I headed to New Orleans are started freeing people from their homes. They call me a hero there. Here, I'm a felon."

I loved the sinage...