Friday, December 23, 2011

Shortest day of the year...

No place I'd rather be on the shortest day of the year (yesterday) where it gets dark at around 4:30...
I always resented the day light saving time and winter nights where it gets dark so early. I hated getting to work when it was dark and leaving when it was dark too.  Except there is something about this city where nighttime is really special and I welcome nighttime. 

View form our apt @ night

Walking through times square @ night. Something most locals hate to do but I love. Guess I'm not a local--never. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Woodstock, New York...

We recently enjoyed a weekend of fun with 3 other couples. Liz Jensen found the place online and it was a hit. We were in Baresville to be exact. No cell phone service and no TV. Although with Wi-fi and the quaint town of Woodstock close by, we were hardly deprived. 

Guys streamed the BYU/Baylor basketball game. 

Lou-Lou was a weekend highlight for sure. Such a trooper and joy to be around. We trained from NYC to Tarrytown where Liz picked us up before another couple hours drive. She was as happy as can be all along. Yet so full of energy and life. 

Couldn't pass up the homemade ice-cream although freezing outside and located in a Mexican food joint. 

3 of the 4 girls pregnant so we left the hot-tubing for the guys. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Roundup...

I just recently posted about the Thanksgiving holiday and all 18 family house guests we had staying with us. It was a blast. My cousin Savannah made a 8 minute video of all the fun that she posted on facebook for us all to enjoy. I wanted to repost in case someone cares to see how amazing family is/are. 

Also, we refer to family fun with the Clawsons as a rage train. It doesn't slow down--sun up to sun down. If you get tired and have to get off the rage train you might get hurt. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

It's very petite. Took no time to decorate. Yet, it's there. We're pleased.
Walking home with this beauty, I had various comments like "Aww,  how cute." & "Look, mom, it's a baby tree.'"

~Our Christmas Tree, 2012~

Monday, December 12, 2011

Blue Christmas...

Anyone that knows my mom and how spontaneous and unique she is will not be surprised by her blue Christmas tree this year.  With twin boys on way and with the recent birth of my sister's 3rd son, my parents only know grandsons. So Christmas 2011 will be marked with a blue Christmas tree.  There is hope for a granddaughter though someday. Mom put pink bulbs all over the tree. I love the mother and child one. 

She was hosting something when she sent these pics over, so pardon the excess and phone blur. 

How about that tree? Love it!

Favorite Things...

Last week, Whitney and I hosted a favorite things night for a big group of girls. It was so great being together, eating treats, and learning of other's favorite things. My good friend Courtney has had huge success hosting this type of party before. In fact, some of my favorite products are the very things that I learned about on nights like this. 

Here was the invite we emailed out. I cut the contact info/address off the first page just in case there is a creeper out there somewhere. I will say, I lifted the wording off Courtney's invite too. Credit given where credit deserved. 

Here is the all of us. Everyone had something great to take home when the night was over. I was worried we'd have to many exchanges and gifts that would drag the night on. But by the time we were done, I didn't want it to end. It went by too fast. 

Melissa opening the deceiving Tiffany's wrapped gift. 

We had the exchange in the event/lounge area of my building. I really didn't do much for the night though. Whitney did most all the baking and was in charge of the treats which is no painless responsibility traveling on the subway with trays and so forth. 


This last Saturday was a great day to be out and about. I had no prior understanding of what SantaCon involved. I've read estimates up to 10,000 Santas. But basically a massive amount of people all over Manhattan dressed as Santa. It's basically a pub crawl that lasts all day. There were live tweets telling the group what area to transport to next. A couple of the locations were located right around me. So I headed out to see what it was about. I saw Santa in every form or fashion. As the day went on, the costumes got more and more dilapidated. The Ho Ho Ho chants were hilarious.  The little kids in the city must be confused and even terrified. 

Santas jaywalking

 Bryant Park ice-skating. They have a cute Christmas market too.

Christmas on 34th. I walk by this everyday and just love. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Market @ Union Square...

Christmas in NY is really an amazing thing. Every day is full of Christmas surprises. Although I've been to NY before in Christmas, this is my first time really experiencing it each day. This is one of the few Christmas markets setups here in the city.

Puppet booth (left)  & the knit animal hats and mittens are huge this year. (right) 

love all the color

& the warm fuzzy hats. I will be wearing one this year. 

A market is never complete without a homemade soap stand.

Loved the wood carving booths. There was one that had all wooden ornaments.
 But the crepe stand is my favorite. I have made three separate trips to the market just to get a fresh crepe--nutella and peanut butter. 

The best thing is that I walk half a block to jump on the direct subway line from my place with two stops and then I walk out right in the middle of the market. 

Elephant & Castle...

NYC is known for their many amazing places to brunch. I was so food adverse the first 18-20 weeks we were here, I could hardly enjoy a meal outing. And now we feel like we have a narrow window of time to do see and experience. This place is known for their eggs n' apples benedict on french toast. I'm a tough critic on eggs benedict, and I thoroughly enjoyed. Most places like here, brunch is only served on the weekends. Plan for a wait at this place--no reservations. 

It has been too long since we'd doubled with Sarah Jane and Tyler. 

Located on Greenwich Ave in the West Village... Such a charming place to walk around and see the multi-leveled townhouses. This is on Perry St which is right off Greenwich Ave. It's so quite. I was hoping Hugh Jackman would step out of his place. I hear he lives on this treasure. I can see why. 
Andrew works enough, it's nice to get out and explore the city when we can.