Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Shower...

These three girls were especially generous in throwing me a lovely shower this last weekend. I really appreciate them doing so. It's so special to get together and celebrate these little boys. I just returned from yet another appointment. Dr. visits just get sweeter and sweeter as our time approaches. Thank you girls for sharing this joy with me and extending yourselves so we could all celebrate. 

Sarah Jane, Whitney, & Amanda
We all met in Utah--love that our lives now overlap in NYC.


Loved the mason jars filled with a yummy mix of cider/juice/cranberries and paper spoons.

I was completely surprised with a Southern style shower. Stay tuned for next month's spread in Southern Living magazine.

Amanda found local Beignets that challenge those at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. 

Biscuits & Gravy, breakfast casserole, and loads of fruit & berries. 

Special remarks worth keeping. 

Whitney made a pair of pearl earrings for everyone. They're beautiful! What an adorable idea. Loved the cotton and Magnolia (Louisiana's state flower) spread about. 
~everything is better in a pair~

Cotton set in the Magnolia leaves

Classic bridal shower shot... 4 boys & 1 girl in utero. 

I really appreciate my mother-in-law and 2 sister-in-laws coming in from CT. 
My newest nephew, Will, was a sure hit. 
Love the navy Sperry shoes to match Daddy's pair. 

So nice having Jan, a friend from home, here in NYC. She recently introduced me to a yummy brunch dine with southern type food in the Easy Village. 


Thank you SJ for opening your studio for us all to enjoy. 


mommy watsky said...

Amazing. Seriously. You are so blessed to have such talented friends. I am in love with the southern theme. And the pair of earring totally hit the mark. Congrats, hun!

Mrs. Ham said...

you look so wonderful mary! i'm so happy for you both! not too much longer! twins!!

Lorie said...

You look beautiful!!

Diana Hulme said...

Too cute...I LOVE all the Southern details. Those Sperry Topsiders are amazing...I might have to hunt some down for Oliver! :)