Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011...

We spent Christmas Day and the few days prior in CT with Andrew's family. It's always a relaxing treat to lounge there and be with family. Although we technically live just 1.5 hr away, we're so busy in our various activities and work. So actually staying with them was so nice. Andrew was able to commute and work through the holiday too. 

Andrew's mom doesn't cut the holiday decorating short that's for sure. Her Christmas decor isn't something you could begin to accumulate in a season. From nativities collected during various travel to a different thematic Santa representing each year that she places in her long kitchen window seal, she even exchanges some wall art for some beautiful Christmas winter art. She is so thoughtful in helping us cultivate our immediate family holiday decorations too. Every year she adds to our Christmas china and gives us a symbolic ornament representing the year. The Checketts Christmas spirit is one of the many reasons why spending the holiday with your in-laws in oh so painless.

(above) Aren't these flowers beautiful? A family friend sent these to Drew's parents for Christmas. 
(below) Miracle Charlie who was born this time last year added so much to the Christmas holiday. He is so happy most all the time.  And his sisters, Santa's elves, delivered cooking to various families around town on Christmas Eve. I love that tradition. 

Rockefeller Tree and Ben/Charlie in matching jammies


Possibly my favorite thing to do as fam is sit around and eat together.
The Christmas china I love and adore.

Christmas jammies. 


 We went to the city one night for dinner and a show. Spiderman defiantly redefines a Broadway show, but I enjoyed it for its uniqueness.

Katie possibly shopped out. 


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