Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family visits NYC...

When my Dr. gave my the no-go for December travel, we pretty much flip flopped the holiday scheduling this year. Although we would then be doing Christmas with Andrew's fam, my family came out shortly after. I think this was mine and Andrew's first holiday where we spent it with both families.
So my fam came to NYC and stayed literally right across the street from us. With the help of my nephews, who in no way slowed us down, we dominated this city.    


1. Oh the snowflake on 57th. 2. Surprise drive up next to the cab we were in 3. Christmas gift exchange. My fam is small enough we don't draw names, but we buy inexpensive gifts too 4. Carriage ride in the park. I think we paid the same amount for a 15 minute ride that we paid for a 45 minute ride a few months ago. Joy of the tourist. I'm guessing there is not a busier week of the yr in NYC than the week after Christmas. I'll take family visitors anytime though...



(upper right) 4 girls & 2 boys, bulging making their presence known.


I thought the boys would love the subway experience, but they much preferred the taxi. I'm guessing because it's probably the first time in their life they haven't had to use a carseat, still a foreign concept to me.


(bottom left) Although Drew's 4th time to see Wicked, it was most of my families 1st. 
(bottom right)  We took the boys swimming in our building pool a couple times. Harold would walk from his hotel in his swim trunks. People were staring and even yelling out car windows. Hilarious. 



Had a great time walking through West Village with the fam. No tourist there. Had a yummy brunch and enjoyed a walk through Perry St. 


@ Met's Madame Butterfly, a classic my family loves. 



Kellee Marie Cook said...

such a great time and perfect holiday. wish it couldve lasted longer..

Martha Abell said...

I really loved Wicked and the new staging of Madame Butterfly. I kept of thinking of my dear friend Hilda McDonald at both productions. She was my special Opera buddy for sure and loved my kids. A great lady. Xoxoxo