Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYC Post Office...

I remember when I toured NYC with my mom in high school we made a special trip to see the post office and its beautiful pillars and steps.  Crazy enough, now I live only 2 avenues away from it. My prior stamp buys don't seem to keep up with an ever growing stamp increase. So I needed to go buy some $0.03 stamps. So off I went. Always an experience. Not sure it is one I can get used to. The building faces Madison Square Garden/Penn Station with the Empire State Building just a few more avenues in the distance. Neat view looking back once you get to the top of the steps-

Built in 1912, it takes up a full city block--huge! 
Inscribed above the detailed pillars along the top, "Nor snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."
This post office is not without typical waiting lines though, even after the holidays. However, I enjoyed hearing that they were on the only PO open 24/7 until 2009 when they cut back hrs to 10pm.  That's still pretty amazing to me. Experiences in the past, the PO is always closed it seems. 

I'm not so much a tilter but I was trying to get the steps and the pillars. It worked from this angle. 

The interior is gorgeous. The self-service kiosks stick out like a sore thumb here. 
& the old bike for the 1920's (or maybe 40's) deliveries I think it was. 


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Casey said...

i love this place! great pics!