Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twin A & Twin B....

Although we have a handful of names we like, we haven't actually finalized what we are going to name our boys. I think most think we are holding out and keeping it some grand secret. I wish that was the case. Instead, I follow my husband's lead on this one; we need to see them and then decide. What we are private about is the possibilities. Everyone seems to have an opinion on your names otherwise. I'd be pleased with an 'ah-ha' moment to solidify everything. No doubt they are two separate babies. At my now 3 Dr. appointments a week, they differentiate them by calling them "Twin A & Twin B." That's how it's been the entire pregnancy. So that has stuck for us as well. 
We too call them A & B. 
A is on the right, first one to be delivered. B is far more active, our little thumb sucker. 
I saw these onsie's  online and was so in-love. A few days later, my sister-in-law had them sent in the mail not even knowing that I had my eye on them. Sweet surprise.


Kellee Marie Cook said...

great minds think alike!

Sally K said...

Mary Martha and Andrew, Joe and I have been following your blog since I recently rediscovered your contact information that you gave us at the end of the Danube trip. You are a wonderful writer and it is such fun to read. And your photography skills continue to impress!
We are so excited for you as we know how much you wanted your own family. We can share in the excitement of twins because we now have 2 year old identical twin grandsons. (I sent the cartoon video about the woman approaching the mother of twins to my daughter-in-law, and she called to say how much she laughed as she can identify with the invasive questioners.) That makes 7 grandkids for us --six boys and one girl. Sounds similar to the ratio in your families. Our oldest grandson is 7 and the youngest two of the seven are 2 years old. that makes 7 grandkids in 5 years. And they all live around here! We are so blessed.
We will be eagerly waiting to hear when the babies are born. You will be surprised at how, in a nanosecond, your hearts will fill with such love --that never goes away. Your parents can certainly attest to that. God bless! Sally and Joe