Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Live! with Kelly (& Derek Hough)...

This last Friday Andrew landed us 4 tickets for the Kelly show. I've been trying to rack up these great experiences before the 'little whittles' come. The idea to pursue tickets started with Em. We were willing to go super early and wait for stand-bys. Thankfully we didn't have to.  Jenna is a true follower who watches Kelly daily so we needed her. I was wishing they called on her for triva. She would of won the free trip for sure. And Kimber has been before so she showed us the ropes on where was best to sit in studio. I was there to pull the pregnant card. My belly screams the belly card, okay. We 4 made quite the duo.


Kelly would come stand right in front of us during commercial time and basically talk a lot about nothing. I don't blame her. It can't be easy to be engaging all the time. 


She had a tear moment which required a touch up. Thew crew was on it.  Kelly is far more skinny and beautiful than I ever imagined. She was perfectly gregarious and outgoing. However, one of her last comments before walking off stage was, "I should of wore spanks. I'm bulging in so many areas (as she touched her thighs). I went ill after that. How imperfect we all felt, an audience hanging on her every word. My oh my. 

Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars was Monday's co-host. He was a bit awkward on when to  and when not to speak up.  I'm being quite the critic. Sorry. 


(below) Kelly & Derek did a little jive at the end. I was worried Derek would drop her and she would break in half. She seems that fragile.
 Like Kelly's ankle tat? 

He even asked for her pic. We weren't the only ones.


Right before exiting the studio. Love these girls. Each one of them redefine generous and kindness in their own way. 


Lizzie said...

Loved seeing Kelly a few years ago. Michael Buble was the co-host when I was there and I was smitten. I was impressed with how Kelly tried to entertain the audience even during commercials. It was clear she realized she was there to entertain and wanted to rise to the challenge. Although if Kelly needs spanks then we are all doomed. Amazing how we all feel insecure about these things.


How fun!!! You have had quite the fun life living in New York! That's awesome! I love reading your blog... you remind me of my childhood in Monroe in so many ways. Love you girl!