Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl & Smocked dresses...

Did anyone else notice Eli Manning's little girl after the game? What an adorable smocked dress with little footballs smocked along top. Although Andrew is a true Jets fan, it's easy to root for the Giants when they are playing Boston (according to Andrew) AND when Eli is from Louisiana (according to me). Whew!
(lifted these pics online)

After a full Saturday where Drew and I got most everything done off our To-Do list in prep for twins, we were pleased to watch the game with some friends. Thanks Larsens for including us.
Emma Perry always the main attraction of any event.


Somehow the first half the girls lingered in the kitchen while the guys hovered the TV. There was quite the spread of food. 

I believe Kenna has been taught the Tim Tebow. Merek busting moves all night too. 

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Erica said...

Thanks for coming! We had such a blast! xoxo