Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's walk..

We walked around our neighborhood on Valentine's Day with one of these. Great way for the world to know how in love we are. 
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We did actually get out though for Valentines. It wasn't something either of us really wanted to do as we're content to hover our precious little angels now in our midst. But I'm glad we could and did get out alone and celebrate us. I think the Lincoln Square fountains at nighttime are quickly becoming a new happy place for us both. It's so quaint and quiet for being among a city central area. And fashion week set up shop right next so that was a riot to see the costumes come and go. 

PS. Can't wait to introduce our iddy-bitty precious little glowing bundles of joy and love...

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Taber & Rebecca said...

So they're here! CONGRATULATIONS! Glad you got to go out, just the two of you for a bit. :)