Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bath TIme...

If it didn't dry out my fair babies, we would bathe multiple times a day. The twins just love their baths.
Shampooing their fine strands of hair, and washing behind their ears and under their neck rolls while their legs just kick away is heavenly. Andrew calls the little wash cloths, "modesty towels."

While I'm speaking to the boy's bath, here is a plug for Noodle & Boo, which is the most amazing baby product ever. I know Nordstrom & Saks carry it, but you can buy it online too. This scent will forever remind me of my newborns. Mustella is our second favorite. It's great smelling and soft too. Courtney gifted the boys their Daphne bath seats that are perfectly space efficient in such a big city. They are great too cause the boys can move about freely yet they're secure. The lower part of the Daphne is adjustable too as they grow. Oh how they grow :(

Charles Hyrum with a handsome combover. 

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Lizzie said...

Someone else just recommended Noodle & Boo products so I ordered some. Glad to know you love the brand too.