Saturday, April 28, 2012

Daddy's tool chest...

I have found a treasure in the jammie (another word for pajama that my nieces coined) world worth sharing. Presenting Children's Place's stretchies as they call it listed under sleepwear on their site

:: The zipper is lined in the inside with a padded piece of fabric so the zipper doesn't touch skin; aka no need to wear a onsie underneath. 
:: No snaps. 
:: Full body zipper.  
:: The heel of the footie has subtle elastic around the ankle keeping the feet in the proper place. 
:: Made out of a soft, but thin, yet stretchy material so they fit the torso and hardly sag. 
:: And the best part of it all.  Only $8.00 each. (Can't remember is that was before of after the twin discount). Bam! 

Contrary to Babewise's recommendation, the twin's simultaneous awake time most often comes right before their feed as opposed to right after. It's nearly impossible for me to feed one baby, then the other, while keeping the full belly one awake. Awake time prior to a feed means hungry baby tears. So here is Clyde at a low point. 

And the cutest sad face genetics can buy. Andrew still makes this exact same face actually. 

Clyde David


Lizzie said...

CLyde is so cute even when he cries! Darling!!

Crystal said...

those stretchies are amazing, we love those too. Plus, they look especially good on your boys ;)

breanna said...

I sleepers ever! Not to mention they are longer and slimmer than any other brand :)

I can't wait to see those cute little faces...even the pouty one!!!