Friday, April 6, 2012

Kellee's visit...

My sister-in-law Kellee came from Florida to visit the boys for 3 days. Her stay didn't last long enough. It was no doubt a work trip. She helped out with the boys so much. I got a little extra sleep; she helped address baby announcements; and I feel like I turned over a new leaf with getting out of my apartment. We even cabbed to Soho. Holla!


We had quite the experience together at "The Upper Breast Side." It was the perfect place to stop and do a public feed. I panic when I have to feed the boys away from their nursery. I have a system in my apartment. And I get really thrown off when I have to spontaneously feed them on the go. 
Charles got a little fussy in his car seat so I was able to carry him around a bit while Kellee pushed Clyde. Can I tell you how exciting that was? I love everything about twins but sometimes it's nice to focus on the one. And look at his cute hands hanging down my back. They love the shoulder position. I've always wondered what they look like slanged over my shoulder too. 



Putting in the passie simultaneously is the name of our game. 


Loved this pic. Kellee was rubbing down Charles with lotion after his bath and he was lifting his head higher than I'd seen him do so before. 
Kell-bell in C-Wonder. I'm starting to think this is her store.


Newsies. She picked it out! I hadn't seen the movie before or heard the music. Cute musical though. 



Comfy in their car seats. 



Lizzie said...

I recently went to the Upper Breast Side, it was a riot ... remind me to tell you the story :)

Curtis & Shelby said...

Ok...You look AWESOME! That almost full length pic of you with the babe over your! So fun!

Diana Hulme said...

How fun. Can I tell you again how great you look for just 2 months post delivery?! :) Hot mama!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I loved being with you and your boys so much! I look at the pictures I have on my phone every day and brag to anyone who will listen. :) love you and cant wait til the next time I get to see yall!