Friday, April 6, 2012

Pyloric Stenosis...

My sweet baby Clyde developed Pyloric Stenosis at about 6 weeks in age. The symptoms came on suddenly with projectile vomiting that limited Clyde from digesting anything. He was diagnosed within a week of the symptoms. Doctors often misdiagnose this for acid reflex that is common in many babies. So we are grateful to have caught it so early.  Andrew's Uncle Ben had the same thing as a baby and this is often genetic. So Grandma urged us to ask our Dr. about this very thing. What we thought was going to be a quick hospital visit  to rule this possibility out, ended up being a 2 night hospital stay with a laparoscopic surgery. Although a very quick routine procedure that I've learned is an instant fix (new baby) was rough on our little fam. Clyde went 48 hours without food, although hooked to the IV. And he couldn't keep anything down the week prior. Although I never want to experience the pediatric floor of the hospital again, I had some quality one-on-one time with my boy that was oh so special. I enjoyed focusing in on all his needs and his every move. This boy got his dad's sweetness and kind temperament here.

I thought ultrasounds were limited to soon to be mommies. Took this pic shortly before they told us the prognosis. 

Took the pic on left shortly before getting on the elevator to leave our apartment. This was the twins first time apart so picture worthy to send to Drew. A few hours later, Clyde was happy as a clam although hooked up to his IV as seen on the right. 


Clyde's empty belly hunger made for a long fussy night requiring lots of love. This was our view from our NYC hospital room at sunrise. 

Andrew took a sick day from work so he could be at the hospital for Clyde's surgery. It was so cute seeing them cuddle. These pics are post surgery. 

Hospital crib with his IV hand wrapped up sticking out of his blankie. 
Pic on the right is when the IV finally came out and we were waiting on surgeon to give us the go-home. 


Dressing to go home.


Diana Hulme said...

So glad he's doing so much better!!! I love the pics with his bonnet...too cute. :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

So sorry and sad you had to go through this with Clyde! Fox was in the hospital for 5 days when he was only 8 weeks old with RSV and it was so so sad and heartbreaking. I'm glad Clyde is all better and everything is okay!!

Kyle & Mekelle said...

oh those little boys are dolls! I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious!! no fun staying in the hospital.

Lizzy said...

This just brakes my heart-I'm so sorry that it happened. The pictures are so beautiful though! :)