Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brooklyn 1/2...

Andrew signed up for the Brooklyn 1/2 marathon a couple months ago and later found out he had some friends running in it too. I think Andrew landed the greatest number of all 16,000 runners. He had people coming up to him and asking how he got that number.  


The boys were sound asleep in their crib at 6:45 when I had to pluck them out and put them in the stroller so we wouldn't miss the finish line. It was well worth it.


The boys like the movement in the subway. I wasn't sure how the hr there and hr back would go. But they did well. Hope this is foreshadowing for their plane ride. 
Let me explain Charles's bald spot on the left side of his head. He had some cradle cap and my instinct was to rub the flakes away in the tub. Right? Wrong! His hair came with. But it was a minor overlook-able area that has continued to recede into a very noticeable left side of the head is completely bald. People comment on how he must be sleeping on just that side of his head. Wish that was the truth. The right side is still full of hair. 


Sean and Summer said...

your boys are so sweet!
and also, WHERE did you get your colored jeans so long?? tell me your secrets.

Lizzie said...

So impressed you went all the way to Coney Island with the boys for the finish line!! Way to go!

I ran this race last year & really loved it. Maybe you & I should run it next year?

Lorie said...

You are such a rock star mama! Those two boys are so beautiful and I'm obsessed with your neon shoes!

Summer, have you checked Delia's? I know it is a little teeny bopper, but they come in 34 and 36 lengths. I have a great red and purple pair :)