Thursday, May 17, 2012

Central Park...

There are days in Sheep's Meadow were there can't be more than 5 feet in between blankets. It swarms with people when the sun is out. 

The tulips this year were amazing. But they didn't last long enough. 

There is a BYU cougar perched up high on a rock in the park making me feel right at home. 

This pond has the most beautiful waterfall leading into it. I think it's a hidden treasure in the park many don't know about. 


Two separate photo shoots. One with legit models and the other with an old school camera. I'm thinking the camera should be turned the other way with the Plaza in the background.  



My mom added so much to our CP strolls because she can tell me the various flowers growing. Had to get a pic of her and the white azaleas because she grows so many azaleas in her yard. They remind me of her. 

Nice to see a pay phone used for something still. 
Mom & I walked up to Harlem through the park. She felt a little daring and adventurous. I told her Harlem isn't what is was. 

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Liz Jensen said...

You and your mom are so beautiful! I love the Cougar too, you'll have to point it out to me sometime.