Friday, May 18, 2012

Columbus Circle...

Columbus Circle is quickly becoming my favorite 'go-to' spot here in the city. It can accommodate me for just about everything, errands and outings alike. 
The Time Warner building has a huge Whole Foods along with the Mandarin Oriental that has a yummy brunch. It's exciting to stroll the boys in the circle center to watch the city pass by. However, the NYC car exhaust is terrible here. It's a great entry point for the park, where you can rent a bike or hop on a carriage ride. Two things I would still like to do is go to a live taping of Anderson Cooper in the TW building. Also I'd love to see the big Jazz performance overlooking the circle too. 


The long windows on the upper part of the building on the right, is the Robert Restaurant. We ate here to celebrate the twin news when we found out and later ate there the night before I delivered. It will always be a special spot for us. *Reserve in advance to get a window spot overlooking*

Night view from Roberts according to Instagram.

& then there is Bouchon Bakery. Best grilled cheese in NYC says a friend who would know. Their Macaroons compete Laduree's as well. The best way I can describe a Macaroon is a small round cake lightly crisped on the outside and soft in the middle. I recommend the Pistachio. 



mommy watsky said...

I love reading about all your NYC moments. Thanks for sharing!

Liz Jensen said...

One of my favorite places in NY, and yes that grilled cheese is pretty amazing.