Sunday, May 6, 2012

Connecticut weekend...

We took the boys to their home away from home a few weeks ago.  Andrew's mom was too kind in setting up a changer/diapers/wipes/nappy-nanny/bath essentials... I had no idea that it would take so long to pack a bag for little babies. And Deb provided so much. 

My nieces are so cute with their cousins. Abby takes her role as the oldest girl cousin very seriously. She can hold them simultaneously with ease too. We were sitting in completely different areas of church and Abby found her way to us half way through the meeting to "see how the twins were doing." I was pleased to report they were doing well in a deep sleep. 

Big-eyed Clyde // Andrew set-up tummy-time on the coffee table. I thought this made for the perfect living room centerpiece. 


The Pace family was sweet to come and visit. I think the only exercising I did my entire pregnancy was when I didn't know I was pregnant. Kristen & I went on an 8 miles walk & talk shortly before I found out. I remember thinking, no wonder I was so exhausted on that walk.