Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dylan's Candy Shop...

Every week I'm getting out more and more. The other day we strolled on over to Dylan's. It's probably too crowded for a double stroller like lots of places in NYC. But I got some fudge and continued on my way. Fresh fudge is my weakness. This wasn't the best I've had but it's the first fudge spot I've found since moving to NYC and they have a great variety. 
I'm not a huge candy person but I appreciated all the color in the shop. I thought the color might be stimulating for the boys but they didn't wake up the entire time I was out I don't think. 
Loved the tub of gum-balls. Bathtub & gum-balls seems heavenly to me. 


Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan herself, still beautiful when depicted with jelly bellies. 
Just want to eat her right? lol  Strangers on the street tell me they want to eat my twins they are so cute. I don't really know what that means. I think they are the cutest but not in an edible kind of way.

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Lizzie said...

We met Dylan when she was signing books at the Ralph Lauren store one time. She was beautiful!