Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cyrus 1st b-day...

When we were in Louisiana, the twins went to their first of many b-day parties. Their cousin Cyrus turned 1 and my sister had a cute b-day party inviting friends who are also < 1. It was an adorable little party, although impossible to get a pic of all the <1 yr. olds at once. 

Cyrus's is often called a little lambie. So his smash cake my sister made was perfectly appropriate. 


My sister's good friend Breanna is a party planner/executor by profession. Check out her shop here and blog here


We tried lining all 6 babies on the couch for a pic. It was a failed attempt in the end. I love Clyde's face below as they tried putting down the birthday boy. Benjamin was the most chill and well-behaved of them all. 

Clyde partied in the exerciser. 


William and Cyrus loving on Clyde's face. Only pic I got of the bday boy (right). He was on the go...
Bre wants twins so badly--or tripplets.  


Charles zonked out in my arms.

& had a nice little nap on Poppa's shoulder.


breanna said...

I'm so glad the camera had enough juice to get these sweet pictures!!!! Priceless. The one Mommee is just too sweet!;)

Liz Jensen said...

Adorable. Love the last one especially.