Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend...

We were on the train and Erica was feeding Clyde his bottle and I was saying how my boys hardly ever spit up blah blah and then minutes later Clyde didn't just spit up but hurls all over her. I felt so bad. She handled it so well. Less than an hour later she was holding Charles and he had a blow out diaper that got on her too. Just getting her ready for baby Larsen coming in November. 



Most of the pics on the post come from Amanda's camera.
She came down to check on EP and the guys were all surrounding to see who could entice her to come their way. 

So cute to see baby James swallowed in the nap nanny. Brand new!


Lou Lou knows what to do with a water balloon. She was to cute on her mini-scooter


These girls make traveling with a baby look easy. 


Training home

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