Sunday, June 24, 2012

Officially Identical...

Although we were pretty sure we had identical twins because of the shared placenta, there was a small possibility they could be fraternal because each baby had its own sack. We sent off for a mouth swab test that is easy to use. They had the results back to us in 2 weeks. We were pleased that all 13 DNA tests came back congruent--identical! 

Charles was grinning through all 4 mouth swabs. 

Clyde intently stared looking a bit confused.

Charles & his Daddy

When we paid for the test online they sent us an easy to use kit with returnable envelopes/postage. I highly recommend these guys. They can confirm if your baby daddy is in fact your baby daddy too.

Where was this chart my entire pregnancy? This explain my mono-di's perfectly. 

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