Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sample Sales...

 This city is full of great sample sales. I was initiated into the scene of it all when I went to the Barney's sample sale in an old warehouse. I stood in line for probably an hour and was rubbing shoulders with people the entire time. I got 2 little giraffe blankets for $19.99 and my friends still remained unaware that I was even pregnant. Success! And then I went to JCrew's sample sale... similar story, except I got plucked out of the rediculous line because I was so pregnant. I'm still in disbelief that those incredible winter coats were marked down 75%. 

As for sample saleing this week...

DVF's fist one apparently. Wrap-dress danger.  
Gerard Yosca's jewelry is recognizable in JCrew and Bannana. Sensitive place in my heart for him because I wore some of his stuff following the our wedding reception when Andrew and I left together.


I used to know a site that compiled all the different sample sales going on. Can't find it. Anyone know?

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