Friday, June 29, 2012

Seafood Supper by the River...

My parents had a little get together for close friends and family when we got home. It was nice introducing the boys in one night and not feeling like I needed to run around and do so when I was home for such little time. 


It's a very special occasion when mom brings out her grandmother's seagull china. 

Therman's chocolate cake is better than all else. Promise.


The boy's premie onsies... This pictures doesn't do the tiny size justice. I can hardly remember my boys that size and it breaks my heart. I couldn't bare to throw these out so I had them monogramed to keep in my hope chest. 


My sister Helen with her twins. My Grandmother with 4 of her 5 great-grandchildren. 


My mother in law, Deb, has a way with putting babies to sleep. 
Mrs. Breard spoils my boys. She has introduced my to the cutest baby lines I had never heard of. Also, she gave the boys their first silver spoon. 

Sydney Caroline... too cute for words. 


Penas! So good to meet Frederick at last. It was so nice of him and Coral to come from Utah for our special weekend. And they got engaged that weekend too. Horray! April can't come soon enough. 

Loved the alligator arrangement with Spanish Moss in his mouth. 

Conen Family

The Lane twins are 3 months older. Looking forward to play-dates with them when we go home to visit. Pardon the hunch.  My posture has gone to pot since having the kids. I need to work on it. 

Add this to collection of great pics Andrew has taken with his sister Lilly. Quite the pair.

My bestie, Jennifer, from high-school drove up from Baton Rouge. 


Hummel Family ~ our neighbors.
Introducing Courtney to crawfish


Kellee & Clyde // Charles all grins