Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chelsea Pier Golf...

Golf on this island is very interesting. At Chelsea Pier, I'm guessing there are about 5 levels x's 30 stalls that overlook the Hudson lined with yachts and boats. You pay by the ball which is calculated by a machine that automatically T's up after every hit. Lazy man's golf  I call it. But beautiful to sit back and watch. Although it's a full hour walking home, the trail along the water is beautiful.  



These guys introduced us to the pier's golf. Andrew got a new driver for Father's Day so we've been back a couple times since with the twins to test it out. 


Nana Cherie said...

I have really enjoy your blog so much. Your pictures are so wonderful. You are a good little mother. ....the best ever!!
Hugs, Nana

Diana Hulme said...

You are such a good blogger...and as a mother of twin boys I am absolutely amazed. are on top of things, girl! :) I am so excited about this - do they have clubs to rent? Dan would love it.